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Digital Strategy & Solutions

One thing that we take particular pleasure in is helping a business turn its aspirations into cohesive digital strategies.

No one size fits all and it is essential that a business chooses appropriate solutions to ensure the best return on investment, both in time and money.

This can be as simple as realising that much of the company's interaction with its customers will be via social media and therefore a solution could be the appointment of a corporate social media manager to engage with customers ensuring a consistency of message and tone.

On the other hand this could be a large e-commerce undertaking with considerations for, stock management, order fulfilment,  integrated online/offline promotions and activities (e.g. an in-store sampling campaign possibly linking to an online registration and loyalty scheme etc.). The permutations are almost endless.

Whatever the requirement, you can be sure that we have had experience in assisting clients achieve these goals. We do not always deliver the final product in these complex strategy situations, as it often requires a much larger company than ours to support the ongoing operation. However, we can assist the business in identifying the best strategy and solution then liaising as technical consultants with the various parties to realise the vision.

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