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The emergence of online learning (or e-learning) was the driver that lead John Bunn to form Tapit 15 years ago and although we have expanded into many other areas of digital, this is still something we feel passionate about.

A good online learning solution can last a company many years and a single investment by your company can yield a very positive return.

The technical landscape for delivery was somewhat different in 1998 but the core principles remain the same. Now, solutions are built to meet the same type of expectations as any other online offering. They have to be responsive, accessible across many types of devices, modular, lightweight, scaleable and easily adaptable.

Our approach to online learning, as with all our digital projects, is agile and we use an iterative process to ensure early sight of key functions of the program/application and a constant review of needs throughout the product development lifecycle.

Our clients are constantly involved throughout the development of the solution and we have often found that early sight and review of functional prototypes leads to improved needs and requirements.

Typically there are many assumptions made at the start of a project and it is only as the solution comes together and everyone can actually have a hands-on demonstration of key functionality that initial assumptions are turned into actual core requirements.

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